Comenius Project!

Traditional Toys and Games - A European Partnership


The Comenius Project is named after Jan Amos Comenius [1592-1670], considered the father of modern education, and is aimed at schools, colleges and local authorities across Europe.


There are two main objectives;

  1. To develop knowledge and understanding among young people and education staff of the diversity of European cultures and languages, and the value of this diversity.


  1. To help young people to acquire basic life skills and competences for their personal development, for future employment and for active European citizenship.


Ward Green Primary School started the ‘Traditional Toys and Games’ with European partners in 2012. The aim was to raise awareness of all pupils involved of their own local history and other national language, history, geography and culture through play and games.

Activities include; researching the history of toys in their own and other countries, learning to play games/sports and to teach them others, designing and manufacturing toys made from natural materials and mathematical games to support number skills. They will also address the requirements of others who have differing needs.

The ten partner schools will exchange information via post, a shared website, webchats, a blog and the internet. Children will develop a European spirit while learning to respect and value the diversity amongst them and develop language skills accordingly. 

Please visit the Comenius Website to find out more!