Timeline of Learning

September 2012

Around Europe Travel Brochure – Pupils will

learn about other countries and compare them both locally and regionally. [show work/photos]


Comenius Website Launch - Includes mascot information  and blogs, gallery of mobilities/products, newsletters and European vocabulary/dictionary.


Passport to Partner Day - Children will explore the history, culture, geography and cuisine of chosen country, and then invite parents to a special event  that reflects the chosen country and share their knowledge.

October 2012

European Kites – Children will design kites to represent their own country.

Visit to Spain!

Mascot blog created and first entry made. Each Mascot will travel to partner countries for duration of visit. [link]

European Part Book – Children will research and share examples of party games and cuisine. Turkey will collate resources and upload to website.

November 2012

Visit to Turkey!

December 2012

Museum Boxes of Childhood Memories – Pupils research family, local people and toys/games from local history.  Romania to collate resources and upload to website.

January 2013

Visit to Romania!

March 2012

Pen-pal Partnership – Children will write letters to other children in partner countries, and later have opportunity to speak to their pen-pals via webcam.


Visit to Greece!


May 2013

Around Europe Board Games – children will research traditional family board games from their own country. Italy to collate and upload resources.


Visit to Italy!

September 2013

Playground Games Calender – children use Bruegel’s painting to prompt work on playground games and investigate art in their own countries that reflect game choices of children in the past.


Visit to Lithuania!


Children will share ‘Good Friend Charter’. They will hold interviews to establish a team of playground leaders and teach games from European partners.

October 2013

CD/DVD of Traditional Singing Games – Children will research and learn how to play traditional singing games and research the origin.

November 2013

England Host! 

January 2014

Around Europe Playing Cards – Children will design/collect images/vocabulary to create a unique set of playing cards to represent each country, and research traditional card games from their own country.

March 2014

Treasured Toy For a Friend in Need – Children will research traditional treasured soft toys/dolls from their local history. Children will design toys for a chosen child with a disability.


Visit to Solvenia!

April 2014

In Your Shoes – Children will investigate traditional competitive games and consider how these can be adapted for people with differing needs, and learn contemporary games through Europe.

May 2014

Fairground Fundraising – In preparation for the end of project celebration, and to promote entrepreneurial skills, children will research and manufacture traditional fairground games unique to their country.


Visit to Belgium!

June  2014

Comenius Week Event in parent schools! Exhibition/celebration of Comenius Project in each partner country.