Maths Workshop -The Big Shop

Many thanks to all the pupils and parents who supported and/or attended our maths workshop on Friday.

The pupils who won where:

Foundation Stage 2 - Austin

Key Stage 1 - Isaac

Key Stage 2 - Kaitlyn





Our teaching staff have all received training in how to deliver Big Maths. 'Big Maths is a teaching method created by Ben Harding that embraces the richness and power of maths, translating it into simple Steps and Progress Drives that make progress in maths easy and fun for both children and teachers' (Andrell Education). 

Please click on the link below to learn how to best engage and support your children at home by revisiting techniques children learn at school. 


Learn Its Booklet for Parents


April 2016 

Year 5 children had thought up their own snack bars, drawn up tally charts and asked classes which they liked the best, found and analysed results, drawn graphs and displayed their results in a poster and presented their finding to the class.


March 2016

Year 3 have been learning about volume, capacity and weight in maths. We made some chocolate and banana milkshakes using our measuring and calculating skills.

We had to double, halve and choose between a selection of measuring jugs to make the right amount of milliliters for our milkshake. 

Lots of fun was had using real life maths!