Sports Premium


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Ward Green Primary school is in an area of above average deprivation and BMBC NHS website statistics (2012) state that 15.5% of Worsbrough Ward population is not in good health compared to national levels of 9.0%. There is also a significantly higher incidence of long term limiting illness (27.7%) in comparison to UK figures (17.9%). We have over 30% of  Pupil premium children which is above National figures.


We welcome the Sports premium grant to enable high quality P.E lessons to take place along with extra curricular/holiday activities for children to take part in which will raise health awareness.

We use the Sports Premium Grant along with allocated money from the school budget and a Big Lottery Grant which provides:-

  • 2 hours of high quality sports sessions by Sports coaches
  • Subsidized sports holiday clubs throughout the school year
  • Take part in sports competitions and games with other local schools
  • After school sports activities – dance, football, multisports
  • Sports activities during breakfast club
  • Sports coaches to model and encourage good sportsmanship and rules at lunchtimes.


Outcomes for 2015–16

  • Enabled our pupils to be successful in all sporting competitions. Ward Green pupils participate in external sports competitions.
  • Developed links and friendships with children from other schools through inter- school competitions and developed understanding of good sportsmanship.
  • Pupils are continually assessed during P.E so that strengths and weaknesses can be identified and built upon.
  • Sports coaches model good play behaviours during the school day by supervising and joining in with playground games.


  Priorities for 2016-17

  • Develop extra curricular dance
  • Develop stronger links with Secondary school P.E colleagues/Pupils to organise a full year program of inter schools competitions.
  • Engage with local sports clubs to increase children’s involvement in attending clubs in the community.
  • Sports coaches to work alongside teaching colleagues to develop/extend teachers P.E skills and ideas for teaching PE.
  • Sports coaches to incorporate exercise sessions during breakfast club.
  • Sports coaches to provide extra curricular sports provisions.




Additional Spend

Total P.E Spend



-  £3570 for Sports Coaches to provide high quality P.E lessons, coach teaching colleagues along with organising and leading a program of after school competitions with other schools. Sports coaches to model good play behaviour at lunchtimes 3 days a week. ( actual cost for sports coaches is £30,000)

- £500 for extra curricular dance provision

- £4350 for coaches to provide high quality holiday sports clubs and wake up and shake up breakfast club activities

-£1,000 for PE  resources