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Enjoy our welcome video guide that our school Councillors have put together giving you an insight into life at Ward Green.



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 At Ward Green Primary School we are committed to providing :


High quality teaching and learning.
Safe, secure and stimulating learning environment.
An ethos where everyone is valued, supported and respected.
Life long learning opportunities for all
An expectation that everyone achieves their full potential.


Our year 6 children have been looking into how our Mission Statement works within our school, and so far, here is what they have discovered! 


What did KS2 find out about 'High Quality Teaching and Learning':

  • - Literacy displays that help you to use higher level punctuation and magpie ideas
  • - Maths displays have examples of good calculations for maths which the children use.
  • - Dyslexia friendly boards so that we all can read information in the classroom.
  • - Ipads and laptops
  • - Going on trips helps learn facts that we can use in our writing
  • - Teachers that explain new maths clearly such as bus stop method
  • - Whiteboard work so that we can practise quickly then work in our books.
  • - In guided reading we talk with adults and children so that we understand it more
  • - Reading comprehension helps you look for things and increases understanding
  • - Guided maths has lots of different maths activities that helps us learn.
  • - Talking and working with a partner means we learn more
  • - In Literacy its good to work with everyone interacting as it helps us to do higher level work and have more ideas in writing.
  • - Enjoy the abacus maths books in KS2 as it shows us how to set work out
  • - Having maths where we can use apparatus and work practically helps us understand it better.
  • - Role play helps us to make more ideas
  • - Writing assessments help us to remember everything what’s important, we can make it really exciting.
  • - Learning maths using real life things i.e measuring

What did KS1 find out about 'High Quality Teaching and Learning'; 

  • Using real  money and larger magnetic coins helps us add £’s and p’s
  • Use whiteboards when we are all working together
  • Talk partners helps us learn, talk about our learning, practice learn-its and have more ideas by working together.
  • Squiggleworth and Pim helps us in maths to understand hundreds, tens and units and Pim tells us its nothing new.

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