School Milk


If you would like your child to receive milk in school, parents will need to log onto the School Milk Website in order to register their child and the pay the dairy directly for their milk. This is a simple process and once you have registered there is no need to register again. 

The school no longer collects payments. 

Register online at or via the post with a registration you can download here or collect from the school reception. Should you wish to opt into this scheme, your child will recieve 1/3 pint carton of fresh, chilled, semi-skimmed milk each day to drink. This cost of this milk is 16.5p per day, payable in advance for the following full term. 

Payments are required to reach the School Milk UK in plenty of time for them to process your order and payment in advance of the next delivery. This could take a week to show on the school system. 


Some benefits of drinking cows milk...

- Cow's milk in highly rich in calcium content, essential during childhood and teen years for growth and development of bones. 

- A portion of milk can aid concentration in class, ensuring your child is fully hydrated. Milk can also boost your child's energy levels. 

- Each carton of milk contains 300mg of calcium, a huge step towards the Government's Recommended Daily Allowance. RDA for a child between the ages of 1-3 receive 500mg of calcium, and children between 4-8 receive 800mg. 


If your child suffers an allergy to cow's milk, School Milk UK can offer Goats milk, Rice milk or Soya milk.